Utah Governor to Call Special Session on Medical Marijuana After November Election

Next month voters in Utah will have the opportunity to legalize medical marijuana through a citizen’s initiative, but even if it fails the state’s governor says he plans to hold a special session on the issue.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Governor Gary Herbert has pledged to call a special legislative session to take up the issue of medical marijuana following the November general election. He says this is the case whether or not Proposition 2 is passed by voters . If voters reject the initiative, lawmakers will take up a proposal that would would allow qualifying patients to obtain medical marijuana from one of up to five “medical cannabis pharmacies”, or at their county health departments.

“The good news here is that whether [Prop 2] passes or fails, we’re going to arrive at the same point,” says Herbert.

While Proposition 2 would allow patients to purchase marijuana and marijuana products from privately owned dispensaries, the state’s would establish a centralized pharmacy to supply health departments with marijuana in “medicinal dosage form.”

Under the deal announced by Herbert, which was debated by state officials as well as proponents and opponents of Proposition 2, he Department of Health would also

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