Vancouver Lawyers Find Roadside Drug Testing Kits Yield Frequent False Positives

A Vancouver attorney has found that the only device approved for roadside drug tests in Canada is subject to frequently yielding false positive results. Kyla Lee, a lawyer with the firm Acumen Law, says that the Drager Drug Test 5000 had indicated the presence of drugs including cannabis, opiates, and cocaine after test subjects had used products legal and easily obtained in Canada. The Drager 5000 was approved to conduct roadside screenings for drug impairment in concert with the legalization of cannabis in Canada last year.

Lee said that the device was unable to differentiate between THC and CBD, leading to saliva screenings yielding false positive results from people who had only consumed non-psychoactive cannabidiol.

“We found there was a retention period of half an hour. It was still found in the mouth even though there were no lingering effects in the body,” she said.

Lee also found that people who had consumed common baked goods subsequently returned positive results for other controlled substances that could cause driving impairment.

“We had several individuals eat poppy seed loaf from Tim Hortons and poppy seed cake they made at home. All of those people tested positive in the saliva test for opiates,

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