WA Liquor and Cannabis Board Puts Hold on Edibles Ban, Seeks Public Comment

Just a week after announcing a ban on certain marijuana-infused products, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board says it’s placing a hold on the ban to give marijuana industry groups time to formulate and present alternative rules.

Marijuana gummy bears (photo: PotValet.com).

In addition, the board has opened up a 30 day public comment period seeking input on the proposed ban, which would effect products deemed to be enticing to children, such as marijuana gummy bears.

In announcing the ban, the board said it would require all edibles producers to resubmit their products for review and approval, and in an online presentation, the agency advised that “all production” of hard candies, tarts, fruit chews, jellies, colorful chocolates and gummy-type products should be stopped as they won’t meet the new criteria.

In a letter to the board sent on October 8, three influential industry groups asked the agency to “immediately rescind” the new rules, calling them “arbitrary and sudden.” They noted that “No regulated industry can survive when regulatory activity is unpredictable”.

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