Want Cannabis to be Reclassified? Tell The Trump Administration

Anyone with an opinion on cannabis who wants to speak their mind may have a perfect opportunity to do so. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced that it is seeking public comments on cannabis and cannabis-related policies. The request for feedback and comments comes as officials prepare to write an official statement for the World Health Organization (WHO), which is considering changing its recommendations on international cannabis laws.

Federal Government Seeking Public Comments About Marijuana

The FDA recently published its call for public comments on the U.S. government’s federal register.

According to the document, the FDA “is requesting interested persons to submit comments concerning abuse potential, actual abuse, medical usefulness, trafficking, and impact of scheduling changes on availability for medical use” of cannabis and a number of drugs.

The FDA plans to gather and review these comments in preparation for writing an official statement on cannabis and cannabis laws. From there, the agency will send its statement to the WHO.

“WHO will use this information to consider whether to recommend that certain international restrictions be placed on these drugs,” the FDA said.

Currently, international laws and agreements call for the prohibition of cannabis. Theoretically, this obligates countries to

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