Washington Cannabis: What to Watch for in 2021

Because this is the beginning of the year, and because I have had many clients ask me about the status of Washington’s cannabis market lately, I wanted to weigh in on my predictions for Washington cannabis developments in 2021.


Even though we would consider Washington’s marijuana market quite mature when compared to many other states, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) remains vigilant (and in some cases, militant!) and continues to seek input from stakeholders as it refines its policies and procedures. In early January, the WSLCB adopted a slew of rules that will impact licensees in 2021:

     a.     Emergency Rules (WAC 314-55-1055) – Marijuana Product Disclosure Form (Effective January 6, 2021)

This rule requires all manufacturers of THC products to disclose all compounds used in production and processing and is specifically targeted to root out any noncompliance with the Vitamin E Acetate Ban (see below).

     b.     Emergency Rules (WAC 314-55-1065) – LCB Vitamin E Acetate Prohibition (formerly LCB Vitamin E Acetate Ban) (Effective January 6, 2021)

This rule extends the ban on vitamin E acetate.

     c.     Emergency Rules (WAC 314-55-077) – Marijuana Processor License – Privileges, Requirements and

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