Washington State Cannabis Board Bans Most Weed-Infused Candy

Washington cannabis gummy purveyors and fans were dealt an unwelcome blow last week when the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board banned certain kinds of marijuana infused sweets including hard candies, fruit chews, lollipops, and all brightly colored candy products. Their reasoning was to save the kids. “We found that we have approved some products that would meet the definition of especially appealing to children,” cited a mea culpa within the report issued by the agency on October 3.

No one wants to see a classroom full of dosed fifth graders. But not all those whose livelihoods will be affected by the restrictions see such a commonsense connection between child safety and the products now on the no-go list. Logan Bowers, who sells a variety of cannabis infused candies at the Fremont and Redmond locations of his company Hashtag Cannabis, questioned the seemingly arbitrary nature of the ruling. “I’m concerned that whole categories of products are being tossed out categorically,” he told the Seattle Times. “I don’t see how a chew is inherently more enticing to a child than a cookie. Children love cookies.”

Of course, the report also placed strict limitations on other forms of marijuana edibles, essentially cracking down on

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