Water Qualifying for the Home Grower

CANNABIS CULTURE – High-quality crops require high-quality water.

Water is an essential component for all plant growth. It delivers essential nutrients for growth and development, translocation of photosynthates, evaporative cooling of the plants, and to maintain structural support through turgor pressure.  Water is considered the universal solvent as it can dissolve more substances than any other liquid, allowing for the delivery of those essential elements, but also some potentially deleterious materials. Therefore, the quality of irrigation water provided to the plants can set the plants up for healthy production or hinder it.

Of course, “high quality” has different meanings based on the types of crops grown and the method in which they are grown.  Cannabis, for example, generally requires elevated levels of nitrogen, potassium, and calcium; while leafy greens may require much lower rates.  Additionally, throughout the cannabis life cycle the needs of the plant change requiring changes in the available fertility profile; higher relative proportions of nitrogen during vegetative growth followed by elevated phosphorous levels during flower development.  And recirculating water cultures (ie. NFT, aeroponics) can accumulate sodium and chloride, whereas these elements will typically be leached out of top-watered drain-to-waste irrigation systems. In hydroponic systems, the plants receive all

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