Weed Grower Busted With Freshly Baked Pot Brownies on the Stove

Although it’s safe to say the legal marijuana industry has vastly changed the perception of weed, the illicit black market still remains largely intact. Sure, there are plenty of people ditching their friendly neighborhood drug dealers for the dispensary down the street. But considering the hefty price tag of legal weed—not to mention the fact that it’s still considered a Schedule I drug by the federal government, and a number of states have yet to legalize the herb in any capacity—there will always be an illegal market for the plant. This was proven once again, after a North Carolina weed grower was busted with freshly baked pot brownies on the stove.

Hot Out of the Oven

The incriminating brownies; Courtesy of Lee County Sheriff’s Office

According to North Carolina’s local FOX8 affiliate, a Lee County man was arrested after cops uncovered 16 pounds of illegally-grown marijuana and some freshly baked pot brownies in the perpetrators’ home.

Per Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter, Michael Alan Cheeseman’s house was raided on Wednesday in an endeavor nicknamed “Operation HerbWorthy” by the local police force.

When police entered Cheeseman’s home on Wednesday, they first uncovered the brownies sitting on the stove, presumably cooling off.

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