WeWork For Weed: The Beauty Queen Of Cannabis Blockchain Tackles Co-Working

It’s 2018, and the smoke is clearing out of the way for Jessica VerSteeg. The 30-year-old Dutch-Puerto Rican model and former Miss Iowa beauty queen (as well as one-time Amazing Race contestant) also happens to be the CEO of Paragon, a first-in-class blockchain platform built for the cannabis industry.

Paragon offers everything from a cryptocurrency (ParagonCoin, traded as PRG) to a blockchain solution (ParagonChain) designed to expedite and digitize the marijuana supply chain. For a burgeoning industry that is still fighting for legalization while drowning in an analog cash-based economy, Paragon promises information security for consumers and safe, quick transactions for sellers. Now, VerSteeg’s latest venture is Paragon Space, Los Angeles’ first cannabis co-working space set to open on September 1.

Feel a bit like worlds colliding? VerSteeg chuckles wryly when asked to connect the dots between what seems like two disparate chapters of her life: the lingerie model and the crypto businesswoman. “This is always the question that everyone asks.”

– Read the entire article at Forbes.

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