Why 2022 Will Be a Defining Year for Female Leadership in Cannabis

The cannabis industry cannot reach its full potential without women leading the charge as well.

Over the past two years, the U.S. has pulled ahead as one of the most valuable cannabis markets in the world, with projections estimating the U.S. market to be worth over $90 billion by 2026. However, even in this period of remarkable growth, female leadership has dwindled to all-time lows. According to MJBizDaily’s 2021 Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry report, female executive representation is down to 22 percent — lower than 36.8 percent in 2019, and well below the national average for mainstream businesses, which stands at roughly 30 percent.

Despite these figures, it’s important to recognize that a number of female leaders are currently at the helm of some of the most influential cannabis companies in the country. By successfully executing growth strategies in a myriad of industry sectors, this dynamic group of women is redefining what good business practices look like and ushering in a new class of female leaders to build an inclusive and sophisticated regulated industry.

– Read the entire article at Rolling Stone.

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