Will a Medical Marijuana Prescription Allow Me to Smoke at Work or in My Condo?

Can’t you just tell your boss or my condo board you have anxiety, if they come after you for smoking on the job or in my apartment? How far will medical exemptions get you, exactly?

Theoretically, pretty far. “If someone has a valid medical authorization—that is, they’ve gone to their doctor and have a prescription—it basically triggers their human rights protections as someone with a physical or mental disability,” says Alison McMahon, CEO of education and recruitment organization Cannabis at Work. The employer has a duty to accommodate their employee, which usually means obtaining medical information to adjust the worker’s role, expectations and schedule as necessary.

Still, explains McMahon, any particular set of special accommodations gets to be “reasonable in context of the employer’s policy.”

– Read the entire article at MACLEANS.

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