Wisconsin City Officials Trying to Stop Church From Distributing Cannabis

Cannabis isn’t legal in the state of Wisconsin just yet, but one Madison-based Rastafarian church has utilized a religion-based loophole that allows them to serve the plant to members who make a small donation. But despite the seemingly fool-proof statute, it appears local officials aren’t going to let this one slide without a fight.

The city has given two men from the Lion of Judah House of Rastafari church an ultimatum—stop providing its members with marijuana or face potential legal repercussions.

Wisconsin City Officials Trying to Stop Church From Distributing Cannabis, Despite Legal Loophole

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the church’s operators, founder Jesse R. Schworck and Dylan Paul Bangert, have been both smoking and distributing cannabis to their followers, citing the parish’s Rastafarian roots—a religion that allows the use of cannabis for ritualistic use—as grounds for their otherwise illicit use. Per the  church’s official website, the church remains “Wisconsin’s first & only lawful Rastafari cannabis sanctuary.”

According to local officials, however, that description could be fleeting.

The State Journal reported that police have come to the establishment several times, confiscating jars of cannabis and corresponding paraphernalia in the process. Police also delivered the building’s landlord, Charajeet Kaur, a

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