Woman Deported From United States for 20-Year-Old Marijuana Conviction

A legal U.S. resident has been deported for a marijuana conviction more than 20 years old. Fanny Lorenzo is now living with family in Nicaragua, the country she left in the 1980s to flee civil unrest. In a telephone interview from her new home in Managua, Lorenzo said she could not foresee her predicament.

“I never thought they were going to deport me. I’m not a delinquent,” Lorenzo said. “I thought for sure, this was 20 years ago, if they see my record, my record is impeccable.”

Legal Resident Fled Central American Strife

After fleeing Nicaragua, Lorenzo crossed the border without authorization at Brownsville, Texas and settled in Miami. She then became a legal resident alien in 1995 after marrying Endy Lorenzo, a U.S. citizen from Puerto Rico.

Two years later, the couple was arrested by federal agents for their part in an illegal cannabis growing operation. Fanny cooperated with investigators and was sentenced to five years probation for her limited participation in the operation. She also repaid more than $10,000 to Florida Power and Light for electricity stolen to power the indoor grow rooms.

Fanny said her husband, who served five years in prison, was the leader of the operation.

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