Woman Finds Package of Weed in Food Subscription Box

Food delivery subscriptions are becoming wildly popular in the U.S. And typically, things go smoothly. But every once in a while, customers might receive a delivery they were not expecting. That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Greene County, New York, who recently opened a mail order box of snacks to discover that it was full of weed.

A Surprise Delivery

According to local news sources, Jeanine Mulholland ran into her surprise delivery at some point toward the end of last week. The way Mulholland describes it, her 11 year old son opened a box from Graze, which sends them bi-monthly snack deliveries.

Typically, the boxes from Graze are filled with a variety of healthy snacks. But this box was different. There were reportedly multiple sealed packages of marijuana laying on top of the usual snacks.

After discovering the unexpected delivery, Mulholland called Graze and local law enforcement.

Graze reportedly reviewed their security footage. Representatives from the company said it didn’t look like anyone had tampered with the package in their facilities.

As of now, police are investigating the case. So far, they haven’t figured out how the cannabis got into the snack box or who put it there.

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