‘Workaholics’ Creator’s Band Debuts Pot-Friendly Video on HTTV

Kyle Newacheck, one of the creative forces behind the hit Comedy Central series ‘Workaholics,’ is bringing his talents to High Times TV this week with the debut of a pot-friendly video from his band Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye. The new video, for the song ‘Don’tcha Feel (Like Loving Me),’ features a pot nug with bloodshot eyes as the lead singer and supporting vocals by a pair of backup buds.

Newacheck, who created ‘Workaholics’ with the show’s three stars and directed a majority of its episodes, told High Times that the inspiration for the nugs in the video came from his experience growing his own weed at home. While trimming his harvest one time, Newacheck noticed that one “stacked nug” had two remaining leaves that looked like hands. The bud was reminiscent of a puppet, an image that returned to him when it was time to make a video for his band’s new song.

“Wow, the song is called ‘Don’t You Feel Like Lovin’,” recalls Newacheck. “What if that’s from a nug of weed’s perspective?”

Fighting Stigma with Fun

When he shared the idea with Anjela Vega, the video’s director, she ran with the idea and created the puppets

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