World’s Longest Serving Marijuana Prisoner Finally Freed

Antonio Bascaro (wearing glasses) surrounded by his children after being released from federal prison. A pilot, he spent 39 years in jail for smuggling Colombian marijuana into the U.S.

After spending 39 years behind bars, Antonio Bascaro, 84, the world’s longest marijuana prisoner, was finally released from federal lockup on May 1.

As the date approached, the volume of well wishes from supporters, fellow inmates and even FCI Miami prison staff surprised Bascaro and warmed his heart.

With excitement high, he and his family were “counting the minutes” until the release. In addition to his children and grandchildren, a handful of press greeted the octogenarian as he emerged from the prison gates.

The joyous day got unexpectedly better when, after checking in at a halfway house, Bascaro’s case manager informed him that, following a short orientation, he would be allowed to go home with his family.

Hours later, Bascaro was with his sister in the kitchen preparing his favorite meal, lechon asado, as his children, grandchildren and friends gathered to celebrate the long-overdue reunion.

It’s a happy ending straight out of a Hollywood movie filled with twists, turns and international intrigue.

From Cuban War Hero to CIA Asset

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