Wyoming Tribe Wants To Improve Reservation’s Economy With Hemp and Medical Marijuana

A Wyoming Native American tribe is considering hemp and medical marijuana as potential avenues of economic development and has authorized a committee to study the opportunities for the reservation. The group will also investigate the medical applications of cannabis and its potential to treat members of the Eastern Shoshone tribe’s Wind River Reservation.

The tribe’s General Council voted in late September to approve a resolution authorizing a group to study the legalization and production of hemp and medical marijuana. The group, So-go-Beah Naht-Su’ in Shoshone, or Mother Earth and Medicine in English, is made up of several members of the Eastern Shoshone tribe including Bobbi Shongutsie.

“Some of the benefits we thought of together were to create more jobs and to heal our people,” said Shongutsie. “We’re trying to transition hemp and medical cannabis into Wyoming so our tribe can get financially stable.”

The group is also tasked with drafting a legalization proposal for the tribe to vote on. Members of the group have been working on the plan for about six months and spent the two months prior to the September General Council meeting preparing their proposal. The General Council is made up of all tribal members of voting

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